What Lutron Motorized Shades Can Do for You

Morning sunshine streams into a kitchen in a modern high-rise with Lutron palladiom shades halfway open on the windows.

Simplify control of your window treatments with this intuitive smart technology

Sunlight can have a positive effect on our health and mood. Our ancestors spent most of their time outdoors and under the sun, so it is no wonder we respond so positively! Due to the difficulties of physically opening and closing manual shades, many homeowners neglect to let natural light into their homes, depriving them of these benefits. With Lutron shading solutions, including their latest Palladiom Wire Free shades, homeowners can experience the benefits of natural light without any of the hassle.

Read on to discover three life-enhancing benefits of motorized shades for your New York,NY, home.

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Motorized shades create unmatched convenience for you and your family. With just a few taps on a keypad or your smart device of choice, you can precisely control every window treatment in your home–without having to wrestle with a cord or drawstring! Open your shades as the sun rises to let natural light in and close them after dark for added privacy. You can even schedule your shades to automatically raise or lower based on the time of day, the position of the sun, or any other trigger. Never again will you have to try to manually control shades in windows that are too high or difficult to reach. 


Window treatments also play a role in the security of your home. When your shades are closed, your valuables are hidden from view, and a nosy passerby cannot peek inside to see the layout of your home. If your shades are closed for long periods of time, such as when you are on vacation, they can alert potential intruders that you are not home, making your property an easy target. Lutron shades can be scheduled to automatically adjust throughout the day to give the illusion you are home.


Lowering your carbon footprint is a priority for many homeowners. Not only is it doing some good for the environment, but it can also lower your monthly energy bills and save you money! Automated window treatments can help you lower your energy usage by allowing you to rely less on your HVAC system to regulate your home's temperature. Using temperature sensors, your windows will open automatically when your home is too cold to let sunlight naturally warm your home. When your home is too warm, then they will close.

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