How Can Smart Lighting Control Impact Your Home’s Atmosphere?

A kitchen space featuring smart lighting control and design.

Elevate Your Design & Decor with Home Lighting

Let lighting shape your home and guide your whole day! Smart lighting control can elevate your surroundings and bring new life to your everyday living experience. One-touch lighting control adds convenience, comfort, and improved security to your entire home.

Keep reading to learn how this advanced solution can impact your property in both style and functionality!

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Home Lighting Automation Delivers Effortless Control

A large well-lit home with an extensive outdoor patio area with several seating areas.

Smart Lighting Design Offers Enhanced Beauty, Well-Being, and Ease-of-Use

Lighting plays an integral role in your home’s design. It sets the mood, highlights your home’s best features, and makes your daily tasks a little easier to perform. For many homes, however, controlling these lights means flipping switches, turning them on and off throughout the day. These lights remain in the same hues and intensities, offering little changes for different activities or the time of day. 

Home lighting automation changes that. Now, your lighting is effortlessly controlled with in-wall keypads engraved with your everyday activities and touchscreens. For example, tap the “Good Morning” button, and your lights transform to the soft yellow glow of sunrise, while the lights above the kitchen nook illuminate the area where you make breakfast. When you leave for the day, tap the "Away" button, and all the lights turn off throughout your home.

An integrated smart lighting system offers this and so much more. Let’s explore the benefits of automated lighting and how it’s transforming homes across New York, NY.

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The Process Behind a Professional Home Theater Installation

Work with Integrated Custom Audio Video Today!

Are you ready to upgrade your home entertainment with an unparalleled viewing experience? Watch your favorite shows and the latest blockbusters in your New York, NY home with a professional home theater installation that provides the ultimate immersive viewing space.

An extensive project like this one requires a professional’s touch and attention to detail. Our team at Integrated Custom Audio Video is here to help with every step of your installation, from start to finish! 

So what does this overall process entail exactly - and what can you expect when you work with a team of experts for your theater installation? Keep reading below to find out more.

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What Lutron Motorized Shades Can Do for You

Morning sunshine streams into a kitchen in a modern high-rise with Lutron palladiom shades halfway open on the windows.

Simplify control of your window treatments with this intuitive smart technology

Sunlight can have a positive effect on our health and mood. Our ancestors spent most of their time outdoors and under the sun, so it is no wonder we respond so positively! Due to the difficulties of physically opening and closing manual shades, many homeowners neglect to let natural light into their homes, depriving them of these benefits. With Lutron shading solutions, including their latest Palladiom Wire Free shades, homeowners can experience the benefits of natural light without any of the hassle.

Read on to discover three life-enhancing benefits of motorized shades for your New York,NY, home.

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