Why Work With A Smart Home Designer?

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Before Trying DIY, See How a Smart Home Company Can Help 

To install a new kitchen, you’d likely hire a professional. And if you want new flooring, you’d probably hire a contractor, too. So, if you’re interested in a smart home system, why not trust the experts to install it? After all, the system touches all facets of your house—lighting, security, entertainment, HVAC, and more. 

Many people don’t know that smart home designers exist—and we’re used to that! But once you embark on the smart home journey, you’ll see why the best results require programming, wiring, and installations by an expert. 

To DIY a smart home, you’d risk ending up with a system that’s more of a headache than it’s worth. When you partner with a professional smart home designer, all your technologies will perform seamlessly in synchronicity, blended into your interiors. 

Here’s what a smart home company can do for your home. 

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We Design a Smart Home for Your Lifestyle 

Do you want to be able to turn on lights even if you aren’t home? Do you dream about multi-room audio that plays across your townhouse or penthouse? Or maybe you’d like your bathroom floors to warm up before your morning shower. 

As smart home designers, we start by sitting down and discussing what’s most important to your lifestyle. From there, we’ll help design your dream smart system and plan where all technologies and devices will go. Whether that includes security cameras, smart lights, or HVAC, we’ll integrate it all into a centralized smart home system. 

We Handle All Wiring & Hardware 

Once the design is in place, we’ll source the best hardware brands for all technology needs, from the home theater to landscape lighting. We do our best to stay up to date on state-of-the-art equipment, so you get the best experience with the final installation. 

From there, we’ll plan where data wiring will go within walls, connecting all devices to the brain of your smart home—the controller. In new home builds, we can hide wires neatly behind walls and out of sight. In existing homes, we can build a strong home network to support as much wireless communication as possible. 

We Program Smart Scenes 

One of the most exciting things about smart homes are the custom modes or ‘scenes’ we can program. Smart scenes control multiple devices simultaneously, so you can have a “Dinner” scene that adjusts the lights and plays music. All it takes is one command to transform the room. 

You can access scenes from your smart home app or via on-wall keypads with personalized buttons like “Morning,” “Movie,” and “Night.” With a single tap, you’ll create the perfect atmosphere in a single room or throughout the home within seconds. 

We’re Always Here to Help 

If you build your smart home by yourself, there’s no one to help if the technology becomes unresponsive. But when you work with a smart home company like Integrated Custom Audio Video, we’re always here to help you troubleshoot and make any updates you desire. 


If you’d like to learn more about smart home automation, contact our New York City smart home design team. We look forward to working with you!

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